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"Prophecies of Egypt's Fall"
Jeremiah 46

Wednesday AM Bible Study
June 8, 2005

Chapters 46-51 give us God's words of judgment concerning the surrounding nations (v. 1): They concern Egypt (46), Philistia (47), Moab (48), Ammon, Edom, Damascus and Elam (49), and Babylon (50-51). The book closes with an appendix that reviews the fall of Jerusalem. It is largely a repeat of the information given in 2 kings 24:18-25:30.

This chapter gives us the story of the fall of Egypt at the time of Pharaoh Necho. He was the pharaoh who was responsible for the downfall of Josiah (Jehoiakim's father) as told to us in 2 Kings 23:28-30). This was the pharaoh who placed Jehoiakim on the throne (2 Kings 23:31-37). This prophecy came during the fourth year of the reign of Jehoiakim; and it foretells of Egypts fall to the Babylonians.

I. FIRST PROPHETIC WORD; regarding the defeat at Carchemish in 605 BC (vv. -12).
A. Egypt prepares for battle; but suddenly comes to ruin (3-6). This is a summarization of the events that surrounded its defeat by Babylon in the North country by the Euphrates.

B. This all shows the futility and "noise" (v. 17) of Egypt. It thought that it could conquer all; and it trusted in its allies Ethiopia, Libya and the Lydians. But it was in reality the day of the Lord's judgment (7-10).

C. The destruction will be so great that no balm could cure it. All will hear of it (11-12). Thus falls proud Egypt.

II. SECOND PROPHETIC WORD; regarding Babylon's conquest of Egypt in 568 BC (vv. 13-24).

A. Jeremiah described the panic all around in major cities (13-14). All the valiant men flee (15). The reason is given: The Lord is allowing them to fall and see their strength fail (16-17).

B. God promises certain conquest. Egypt will go into captivity. Ancient Memphis will be laid waist (18-19).

C. God describes the destruction in vivid detail (20-24).

III. THIRD PROPHETIC WORD; to Israel (vv. 25-28).

A. God speaks to His people and tells them that He will punish the sun god of Thebes (25); along with Pharaoh's gods and all who trust them.

B. He will deliver them to Babylon; but He promises a future for Egypt (26).

C. All this is meant to encourage Israel that He is with them and has a future for them (27-28).

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